RapidCam Recording is Choppy

The SWF version of your video is choppy

You may experience a choppy SWF video that doesn't appear in the AVI version of your screen recording if you have chosen to convert your recording to SWF. There are a few different reasons why this may be occurring, and both are addressed in this article.

  • Your framerate is set too low. To fix this, go to the "To" tab, then click "Flash File Options." In those options you will see an area called "Frame Rate." For optimal performance, you should make sure you have this number set to 12.

  • You are using a Player8 course style but are not publishing to Player8. To fix this problem, you should export to Flash 8. This is an option found in "Flash File Options." If you check the box "Export to Flash 8" the screen recording will not be choppy when used with the Player8 style. Another option would be to switch to a non-Player8 style.
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