Unison - Unable to login to Unison account

Issue Description

This issue occurs when the user is using Internet Explorer, he/she is unable to log in to Unison, even though the correct password and username are being used. After the "login" button is clicked, the page seems to reload and never let the user in. 


Why this Occurs

This can occur for one of two reasons:

1) Your account name contains an invalid character, such as an underscore or other punctuation character (for example: my_Company.rapidintake.com).

2) Internet Explorer does not recognize the URL as a trusted site for security reasons.


The Solution

How you solve this problem depends on which reason this is being caused. Both options are outlined below:

If the URL has an underscore, space or any punctuation in it:

You can either:

1) Contact Rapid Intake Support, and they will remove the invalid character from your account, or;

2) Sign up again for a different account without the invalid character.


If the URL does NOT have a space, underscore or any punctuation

You need to add the site to the list of trusted sites in Internet Explorer. This link http://surfthenetsafely.com/ieseczone7.htm clearly explains how to do so for IE 6 and 7.

After following these solutions:

1) Go back to the login screen

2) Attempt a login after confirming that the user name and password are correct

3) Contact support (support@rapidintake.zendesk.com) if further issues are experienced.

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