Unison Sending Quiz Results via Email

One of the newer features in Unison is the ability to have a learner send quiz or test results via email. You may want to use this feature instead of tracking results in an LMS. You may choose to use the learners default email application to send the results or send the results through a server, which is much more secure


To set up this feature, you must access the Print/Email tab (Step 6) of the quiz page.

1. Select the Send Email checkbox.

2. Select the Use Email Server checkbox for a more secure method of sending the email. By default the email will be sent using a Rapid Intake email server, but you could enter your own server URL by changing the value in the Server Page URL field. If you would rather use the learners default email application, don't select this checkbox.

3. Enter instructions for the learner in the Message to Learner field. For example, tell the learner to click the email button to send their results.

4. Enter a default subject for the email in the Email Subject field.

5. Enter the email address to which the results will be sent in the SentTo Email field.

Once the learner reaches the results page, a new button will appear for sending the results. It is important that you are displaying the results page in order for this feature to work. The checkbox for displaying the results page is found on the Basic Settings tab (step 3).

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