Unison - Working with PowerPoint Pages in ProForm

Unison recently released a new PowerPoint converter. This new feature does a beautiful job of converting PowerPoint slides into SWFs that you can include in your course. However, what if you use both Unsion and ProForm for working on your courses? How do you work with the new PowerPoint page in ProForm?

ProForm doesn't currently have the new PowerPoint conversion feature. However, attached to this article is a new ProForm page form that will allow you to see and edit any PowerPoint pages created in Unison.

To add this page to ProForm follow these steps:

  1. Download and unzip the attached file.
  2. Take the PowerPoint Slide.fla and PowerPoint Slide.swf files and place them in the Page from install directory of ProForm (e.g. C:\Program Files\Rapid Intake\ProForm Rapid eLearning Studio\Templates\Nodes\page).
  3. Restart ProForm.

Now you will have a PowerPoint Slide page form. It functions similarly to the default page form. If you open a course created with Unison that has PowerPoint slides, this new form will be used to display that information and allow you to edit and make changes.

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