Unison SWFs not playing correctly in ProForm or Unison

Issue Description

This issue occurs when you have created an external SWF to include in a ProForm or Unison course. The SWF plays correctly when played on its own, but once loaded into ProForm or Unison it no longer plays correctly.


Why this Occurs

This problem can occur for one of two reasons:

1) Your SWF uses ActionScript 3, and you are including it in a course using an ActionScript 2 style. (As of writing this article, all of ProForm and Unison's styles are ActionScript 2. An ActionScript 3 style will be available soon.)

2) The ActionScript code is using absolute paths, such as a reference to _root.


The Solution

The solution to the issue depends on the cause of your problem.

If You are Using ActionScript 3.0 in an ActionScript 2.0 Style

If you are using ActionScript 3.0, you must either reprogram your SWF so that it only uses ActionScript 2.0, or change to be using an ActionScript 3.0 style. (Currently there are no ActionScript 3.0 styles available, but one will be available soon.)


If You are Using Absolute Paths

If you are using absolute paths, such as a reference to _root, in your SWF, you will need to change all references to use relative paths, by using _child and _parent references. The problem with absolute paths occurs because once the SWF is loaded into a ProForm or Unison course, the _root changes from the root timeline of your SWF, to the root timeline of the player.swf file of your course style.


If, after checking both of these items, your SWF is still not working, please contact Rapid Intake Support by emailing support@rapidintake.com.

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