Unison Media Files in Unison show as Broken Links

Problem: You’re uploading a media file into the Media Manager in Unison. Once converting finishes, the image either shows a broken link symbol or says the file cannot be referenced.


Why this happens: There are a few possible reasons why this happens.


1- Servers are busy. There are 3 servers, two that work on general media files and 1 focusing on Power Point files. If two other customers have uploaded a lot of files, the servers may all be busy converting files and Unison will request a status from the server before it has had time to make its way through the queue, showing a broken link.


2- Your connection speed is slow. If you have a slow connection speed, the file may convert, but your computer might not receive the message for a few minutes.


3- You upload several files at once. Similar to the first issue, if you upload several files at the same time, the servers will take some time to convert them all and communicate back that they’ve been finished.


Solution: If you run into this issue, the best solution is to just be patient. The files will show up when everything gets in sync. If you have waited 20 minutes or more and the files still show up as broken, then contact support by emailing support@rapidintake.com.

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