Unison Best Practices for Uploading PowerPoint Files into Unison

This article will cover issues that may arise when uploading a PowerPoint into Unison and how you can avoid wasted time due to non-conversion. For questions that aren't answered here, please contact support at support@rapidintake.com.

Problem: You've uploaded a ppt file into Unison. It shows the ppt converting but churns and churns.

There are several issues that can cause this problem. They include:

1- Macros/activex on the ppt- remove any macros/activex.

2- PPT slides have been resized in ppt away from default size. Ensure slide sizes are at default.

3- The PPT is password protected. Ensure that all passwords have been removed form the PPT file.

4- Embedded sound files must be non-corrupt, non-zero-length or conversion may fail

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