Unison Disable Click for Powerpoint Animations and Audio

Update 8/25/11

Changes have been made to the PowerPoint converter in Unison, entirely disabling the click when the learner is viewing the converted slides in a Unison Course.  Our users should no longer have any problems with the animations advancing or the audio skipping, repeating, or looping because the learner can no longer click to advance animations or audio. 

If users have powerpoint presentations on courses that were uploaded using the older version of the converter, they will need to go into their media manager, delete the old powerpoint files and then re-upload the powerpoints so that they are converted with the new converter.

Users will run into problems if their original powerpoint had the animations set to occur "on click" because the click is now disabled.  When a user tries to view a powerpoint with animations "on click,"  the animations will never appear because the there is no way to click during the presentation.  Have the user change the settings of the animations on the original powerpoint to "after previous" to ensure that they will be visible during the presentation. 

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As of yet (8/17/11), I have not found a way to completely disable clicking on PowerPoints in Unison. Users have noticed that any time a learner clicks on a PowerPoint slide in Unison, the animations advance and in some cases the audio stops.  

If the user is having problems with the audio advancing and stopping on click, have them go in and change the original slide show settings to "Browsed at a kiosk" (Slide Show tab-->Set Up Show-->Browsed at a kiosk).  If a learner clicks on a slide with this setting, the audio will repeat (instead of just stopping) and loop, and the animations will still advance (animations don't loop). 

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