Changing Colors in Course Styles

Changing Colors in Course Styles

One of the most exciting aspects about Flashform is its ability to be customized—its ability to be changed to match your needs and requirements. Of the many things that can be customized in Flashform, one of the things you may want to customize most is the colors of the course styles. This article will describe in detail which colors can be changed in which course styles, and exactly how to do that.

Understanding Vector-Based vs. Bitmap-Based Styles

Many of our course styles can have all of their colors changed, but some course styles are limited in their ability for color customization. This has to do with whether the course style is a vector-based or a bitmap-based style. In a basic sense, this is how it works: the vector-based styles’ colors are generated through certain easily changeable codes, so you can easily change any of the colors that make up the style. The bitmap-based styles, however, are not built on easily changeable codes—instead, they are built with actual bitmap images that cannot be changed. Because they are built on images, bitmap-based styles can sometimes have a fancier and more distinguished look. They are, however, less capable of color customization.

Changing the Colors for Vector-Based Styles

The vector-based styles can have nearly any color changed. The vector-based styles are listed below:

  • Compact
  • Business
  • Default
  • SoftEdges
  • GlossySoftEdges
  • Sunrise

  • Changing the colors of vector-based styles is very simple. You can edit those within the “Edit Project” window. When you have chosen a vector-based style, you will see the editable color options listed just below the “Course Style” menu.

    For this style (and all the vector-based styles) you can change the colors easily by clicking on each box.

    Changing the Colors for Bitmap-Based Styles

    Bitmap-based styles are much more limited in terms of which colors can be changed. For bitmap-based styles, the only colors that can be changed are the colors of the text in the index. These include the Index Link color, the Index Link Over color, and the Index Topic color. The bitmap-based styles are listed below:

  • CenterStage
  • DeepBlue
  • DeepBlack
  • Steel
  • GlobeMenu
  • Traditional

  • Changing these colors for bitmap-based styles is slightly more complicated, and requires the Professional Edition of Flashform. To do so you will need to open the “player.fla” file and edit the following variables on frame 5 of that file:

    var highlightIndexColor:String = "0xFFFFFF";
    var indexLinkColor:String = "0x41455C";
    var indexOverColor:String = "0x415C9F";

    The colors are listed in hexadecimal. You can change these colors only by changing the hexadecimal values. (For a free program that allows you to pick a color and find its hexadecimal code, go to (Note: the hexadecimal code is preceded by “0x” and that should not be changed. The first color, for example, is “FFFFFF.”)


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