Getting Stuck on the Loading Bar While Previewing

When I Preview My Course it gets Stuck on the Loading Bar

You may notice that sometimes when previewing (or attempting to take) a Flashform course, a certain page will not load. Instead, the page will display the “loading” bar indefinitely, and seemingly be stuck at some point along the loading process. You will see an image like the one below:

The program isn’t actually getting stuck while “loading,” and the process to fix it is quite simple. Read the information below and you should be free of your loading bar woes.

Missing Media Content

The loading bar is displayed when you are using a template that is missing information for media that is required by that template. An example will illustrate this best. If you are using the “Image and Audio” template in Flashform, before you can preview the page you must add a valid pathway for both an image file and an audio file. Below is a screenshot of the “Image and Audio” template:

The two areas circled in red are where you need to provide the pathways for the media content. Until you do, whenever you preview the page you will only see the “loading” bar. Even if you add (for our example) an image file pathway, the page still will not load until the audio file pathway is given.

Note: The same rules apply to all templates that use external media.

Displaying the “loading” bar indefinitely is Flashform’s way of telling you that something is wrong with the media pathways you have provided: either the pathways are incorrect, or they simply are not yet there. If you have entered pathways for media and you still see the bar, double check to make sure that there isn’t an error in the path.

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