Hiding the Media Control Bar

Hiding the Media Control Bar in Flashform

There are often times when you are including media in Flashform and you may not want the media control bar to display. (For example, if you want to play a SWF without allowing the learner to control its movement or function.) Hiding the control bar is very easy to do in Flashform, but somewhat counter-intuitive.

Setting the “Load Percentage” to 0

Just to be certain we are referencing the same thing, the media control bar will look similar to the one pictured below.

In order to hide the bar, you need to go to the “Advanced” tab for the template you are working on. In the “Advanced” tab you will see a field that is called “Load Percentage.” If you want the media control bar to disappear entirely, change the value of this field to 0. Once you have done so, save your changes and preview the course again. The media control bar will be gone for that specific page.

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