Incorrect Quiz Score

Incorrect Quiz Scores

This article is designed to explain why a quiz you created inside ProForm may be reporting a strange or incorrect score at the end when it has been submitted. If you do experience this problem, there are a few simple things you should check which will most likely fix your problem. We’ll go through them one at a time and explain each in detail.

Each Quiz Question Must Have a Unique “Question ID”

If your quiz score isn’t correct, the first thing to check is that each question has a unique “Question ID.” When you’re creating a quiz question, the very first field on every question template is called “Question ID.” It is located in the top left-hand side of every question template. Below is an example of the “Multiple Choice” template:

When you create a question, ProForm needs a way to be able to track that question separately from every other question in the course, and it uses the “Question ID” to do this. You can put anything you like in this field—just make sure that every question has a completely unique ID. (Note that it should be unique for the entire course, not just for this quiz.) You could simply number your questions if you wish, or come up with your own system. If two questions have the same ID it will cause problems in the reporting of a score.

Make Sure that Each Question Has the Appropriate “Weight”

In the screenshot above, you will also see a field called “Weight.” This field allows you to make some questions worth more points than others, if you wish. For example, if you want one question to be worth 2 points instead of 1, enter a weight of 2 for the question. This will raise the total point value if your quiz. For example, if you have 9 questions in a quiz and the first 8 have a weight of “1,” and the final question has a weight of “2,” the quiz will be worth a total of 10 points.

The default value for this quiz is “1.” If your score is reporting incorrectly, you should also check to be sure this value has not been changed. It is a very useful setting for questions of higher importance, but will also change the scoring at the end if it is changed accidentally.

The “Objective ID” Does Not Affect the Quiz’s Score

The “Objective ID” that you will see above is related to specific optional settings in SCORM and AICC data tracking. It allows you to track questions in relation to a specific objective. This is an optional field and may be left blank. Either way, it will not affect the file quiz score.

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