Recording Course Completion

Recording Course Completion

If you are planning to place your course on an LMS, and you would like completion recorded, you need to make sure you establish this setting before deploying the course. There are basically two places you can establish completion: Course Settings and a Quiz Page. Each area is described below.

IMPORTANT: Only use one of these methods in a single course.

Course Settings

  1. Click the Edit Project button. 
  2. In the Course Completion Status field select the status that you would like recorded once the learner visits every page. Generally you want to select Completed.

Quiz Page

  1. Access the quiz page that will be used for recording completion. Generally, this is the last quiz in the course.
  2. Access the Basic tab.
  3. In the Record Lesson Status field choose "Pass or Fail Based on Score", "Complete for Finishing the Quiz" or "Pass or Incomplete (SCORM 1.2)". The two api options are meant to be used when you have activated page completion the course settings.
  4. If you have chosen "Pass or Fail Based on Score" or "Pass or Incomplete (SCORM 1.2)", then make sure you enter a passing score in the Pass Percentage field. If this score is met a pass status is applied to the course. (It is a good idea to enter a minimum percentage and maximum percentage as well.) If the learner doesn't pass, a failed or incomplete status is recorded, depending on the option chosen. If you have chosen "Pass or Incomplete (SCORM 1.2)" make sure that you publish to SCORM version 1.2.

If you have chose "Complete for Finishing the Quiz" then once the learner has viewed every question in the quiz a completed status is sent to the LMS.

Once you have chosen the appropriate option, you can publish the course and then place it on your LMS.

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