Corruption in XML File

Corruption in XML Files

At times corruption can occur in the XML files that make up a ProForm course. There are a total of 3 XML files: sco.xml (the main course structure and pages), quiz.xml (all of the quizzes and questions) and glossary.xml (the glossary terms and definitions). It is possible for corruption to occur in any one of these files.

If corruption occurs generally the project stops saving chages or other strange things occur. If this occurs you can create a support ticket and attach the XML files. We will look at them, correct them and send them back. The XML files are located in the project folder.

If you choose to you may check the files for corruption yourself. You can open each XML file using your favorite XML editor. Most XML editors have a way to validate the XML. When you validate, the editor will point you to the location of the problem. You can then correct the problem and see if things are working as they should. If you don't have an XML editor you can open the XML file in Interet Explorer and it will show you the location of the problem. You can then edit the file using a normal text editor.

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    Chad Titensor

    Corruption in SCO.XML is easily duplicated by pressing the publish button then immediately pressing the preview button before the publishing process is complete.  Is there a fix planned for this issue?

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