SWF plays breifly then stops and repeats the process.

Issue Description

A SWF movie plays for a little bit and starts again. This doesn't happen when playing the SWF from a local drive.

Why this Occurs

The SWF starts playing before it is fully loaded. All of the loaded data is played so the video starts again.

The Solution

The load percentage needs to be higher if not 100 percent. This will keep the video from playing until it is fully loaded. 

To adjust this setting:

1) Go to the SWF's page

2) Click on Step 4: Advanced 

3) Click in the Load Percentage box. (See attachment)

4) Enter 100 into this box

5) Save the course

6) Clear your browsers cache (CTRL + SHIFT + DEL) to remove any previously saved course information

7) Preview the course. The SWF should load all the way before it starts playing.


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    Vittor Firmino de Lira

    But I did it and it didn't work. The problem still persists.


    Thank you.

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