Custom question feedback not displaying

Issue Description

The custom feedback for quiz questions is not displaying when the user should be seeing it.

Why This Occurs

This issue happens during a quiz in the course when a user chooses a wrong answer. When they click "check answer" they don't see a message. This is because there is no feedback in the try again field. If there was only one try allowed they would see the incorrect feedback. Technically they haven't gotten the question "wrong" yet because more tries are allowed.

The Solution

To make the feedback appear:

1) Click on the question that is not displaying feedback.

2) Click edit.

3) Look at the "number of tries" field;

If the number of tries allowed is greater than 1:

make sure there is feedback for "try again" and not just "incorrect".  See attached picture.

If only one try is allowed and the feedback is still not displaying:

make sure the "override default feedback" button is checked and the feedback fields are filled.



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