Course advancement depending on multiple quizzes in ProForm

Issue Description

A course has three quizzes, however, none of these determine course completion. It is necessary that the participant passes the quizzes before moving to the next subject. Currently, even if they fail the quizzes they can still advance through the course.

Why this Occurs

This is happening because the quizzes are not in their own restricted topics.

The Solution

Here are some steps to follow in order to stop the user from moving ahead before they pass the quiz by placing the quizzes in restricted topics.

1) Restrict the entire course.

To do so, click the "project settings" button and check the page complete option. This options forces a page to be considered complete until a check mark appears next to it. For example, if the audio is not finished playing the check mark will not appear.

2) Once the "page complete" is activated the quizes can be restricted.

In the record lesson status field of the quiz choose "api (pass or fail). 

3) Set the passing score to what you want it to be.

Api (pass or fail) sets up the quiz so that if a passing score is earned, a checkmark is applied. If not no check mark. If it doesn't get marked complete, they cannot navigate to the next topic.

4) Create a new topic for each quiz and use the arrow buttons at the bottom center of the window to move them into their own topic.

Doing so means that the learner will not be able to navigate beyond the topic until all pages inside the topic (in this case the quiz) are complete.

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