Links in ProForm not Working

If links in ProForm are not working, it’s likely being caused by the Flash Security Settings. You can adjust these settings by taking the following steps:


1- Open your internet browser and navigate to the page listed below:

2- In the Adobe Flash Player™ Settings Manager, select the Global Security Settings

3- Check the “Always Allow” option, and select “Add Location” from the Edit Locations drop-down list

4- Click “Browse for Folder” and find where your ProForm materials are saved

5- Confirm the added location


Once this location has been added, Flash will no longer block communication with the internet from your ProForm courses and links will work as they should.

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    Sue A

    First of all - in step 4 you refer to "where your proform materials are stored".  Is this the local program folder that was created when the application was installed or the directory the cours files are stored (i.e. the content)? 

    Second, if it is the latter, what else can you suggest?  I have changed this setting numerous times and only got the links working once.  Does this have to be set on each end-user's computer as well?

    Thank you.

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    Chris Marcum

    Hi Sue,

    Once the course is online and is being accessed from an external location, the browser isn't usually as picky. The links should work fine once posted online. Flash security settings are very particular about accessing content on a personal computer.

    The folder "where your proform materials are stored" is the actual course folder. So wherever the course file is stored, you will want to choose one level up from that. If you are still having this issue you will want to make sure the course isn't located on a shared drive during development. ProForm doesn't support remote development and in order to work properly the course files should be located on your computer.

    If you are still having trouble and would like further help troubleshooting the issue, you can email us at Thanks Sue, I hope this helps.

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