Page Complete for Soft Skills Simulation

The problem
When people use page complete option in a course with a Soft Skills Simulation (in ProForm or Unison), they have complained that the soft skills page doesn't mark complete (no check mark so the course doesn't get a complete).

The solution:
Setting up the simulation with one "start" page and at least one "last" page indicated in the simulation settings.  See the instructions below for appropriate settings for "last" pages. 

You must have at least one page in the simulation set as the "last" page (but you could also have multiple last pages).  If you have more than one possible ending to your simulation and you want only the correct ending to cause the simulation to get the complete, then you will only set the correct final page as the "last" page.  For the other final pages, you will still provide a "show feedback" and "start over" button so that your learner will have a chance to learn from the choices made and try again.  Only include navigation arrows on the final page(s) marked "last," otherwise your learners may move on to the next part of the course without earning a complete for the simulation. 

The "last page" settings are found on the main step tab of the soft skills page.  The scenario settings are located in the upper right side of the screen and look like this:


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