Activating courses uploaded through FTP

If you are receiving an IIS error about a filesize limit, even after increasing the limit and restarting IIS, follow these instructions on how to load a course through FTP to the LMS, and then activate it through ClickCourse.

A- If you are uploading a new course into your LMS for the first time- 
The course will not appear at first when you go into ClickCourse to assign it to your users. To load the course fully into the LMS you must enter ClickCourse, click Administrator Functions, Manage Courses, Read SCORM Manifest. In the Course Path field you will see "LMSCourses\". Simply type the name of the project folder you uploaded to the FTP site at the end of LMSCourses\ and click "Read Course." Be sure that the name of the folder you type matches exactly the name of the folder you uploaded to the ftp site.

B- If you are replacing an older version of a course with a new one that will have the same name 
When you upload the course to the ftp site you will simply replace the old version and everything in the LMS will automatically update to the new version. You will just need to be sure you clear your cache before trying to view the new version in ClickCourse, otherwise your changes will not appear.

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