Release Notes Update

HTML5 Deployment

Changes were made to improve the course deployment for the HTML 5 open source style.

Fix to Styles Issue

An issue that was causing some styles to not show up for select clients has been fixed.

Bug Fix

During deploy the path to media files was not writing out correctly for mobile courses. Also, the manifest file was missing all media files. These issues have been fixed with this release.

Minor Updates

Updating style files now no longer deletes the media folder in an project if that folder exists. It is now possible to delete the contents of a quiz page by deleting the topic that contains that quiz page.

Contact Link Added

A contact us link was added to the default login page.

AS3 Style Config Issue

Litmos Author was supplying the wrong config file for AS3 styles. That has now been fixed.

AS3 Style Fix

Fixed issue with the creation of the AS3 style that prevented a mobile style from being created at the same time.

Review Fix

During Review, if the page is in root, the issue link does not work properly. This has been corrected with this release.

Numerous Bug Fixes to Authoring

This release fixed numerous bugs associated with the authoring tool. Those bugs include:

  • Links to articulate interaction not working on public link
  • Review > Issue > page link not working
  • Review > List View not showing all issues
  • Mobile Preview not showing Quiz
  • Help Text Title Bug
  • Help Text grammar
  • Review not allowing the removal of an Invalid File Type
  • User profile picture not appearing on the Edit Issues page
  • Fixed Confusion with user profile picture button on the Admin > User edit page
  • Company logo appears pixelated
  • Incorrect abbreviation used in the Review Upload Image pop-up window
  • Fixed grammar on the audio upload window
  • Fixed typos
  • Mobile Drop Down disappearing when trying to create a new course
  • Issues with creating project from AS3 templates
  • Fixed invalid project phases error
  • Fixed missing review html error
  • Proxy login
Several Course File Fixes

Fixed a problem with the narration window on the Full Screen style and a missing reset button in quiz. Image rollover page will now send page complete. Stacking of category items in the Category Drag and Drop quiz is prevented.

Review Bug Fixed

An error was occurring when reviewing storyline courses. The error has now been fixed.

Increase Server Speed

A change was made to the messenger app in the authoring tool in order to improve its responsiveness so that it isn't a drag on the rest of the system.

Fix to Full Screen Style

Page numbering was not showing completely in the Full Screen style. It is now fixed.

Bug Fix Release

Fixed page counter bug, bold and italics bug and topic completion bug in AS3 style. Fixed the backslider style quiz and Iconic style white space issue. Fixed media player, survey page and definitions page issues for AS2 styles.

Minor Release

Added date fields to both groups and project templates.

Medical Style Fix

Text was not showing in the Medical style Drag and Drop interaction. That has now been fixed.

Litmos Salesforce/iFrame Fix

Fixed a bug that was preventing courses from communicating to the LMS when launched from an iFrame such as the Salesforce integration in Litmos.

Course File Bug Fixes

Fixed several bugs in both the AS2 styles and AS3 style. Also released the latest version of SCORM driver for all style types. SCORM Driver from Rustici controls SCORM, AICC and TinCan communication for many of the styles.

Major Review Update

Now when you add an issue in Review, you can click “Screenshot”, take a picture and record your suggested changes right on the image. Review was also enhanced in several other important ways:

  • Attach files to an issue with drag-and-drop ease
  • Add and view multiple attachments
  • New issues layout
  • Sort and order issues
  • Edit and delete comments and issues
  • View issue event logs
AS3 Issues Fixed

Several issues with the AS3 style were fixed with this release. There were issues fixed in the following pages:

  • Visual Layout
  • Certificate
  • Case Study (both AS3 and AS2 styles)
  • VideoStream
Deploy to LMS (PENS)
8/22/2014 You can now publish your Litmos Author course, or Review course, directly to your LMS. We’ve integrated the Package Exchange Notification Services (PENS) process, which means you no longer have to download your course before uploading it to your LMS.

Our new Deploy page now allows you to choose the LMS Upload option. Once you’ve added your LMS information, select your tracking method e.g., SCORM, and deploy. You’ll then be sent an email when your course has finished uploading to your LMS. Contact your LMS vendor, or visit eLearning Atlas, to see if your LMS supports PENS.

Add Users
8/22/2014 We've added an Invite Users feature to the Admin tab. This makes it easy for you to enter an email list of people that you want to send a registration link to.
AS2 and AS3 Style Updates
8/7/2014 Multiple updates to the AS3 quiz and also the AS3 video page. Cosmetic and functional fixes to several AS2 styles and pages.
New Project Creation Page
7/15/2014 New Project Creation page simplifies the process and reduces the time required to create a project. It also provides a better means of converting ProForm courses to Litmos Author.
Fix to Links for External Documents
6/26/2014 In the Review portion of the tool, links to external documents would not open correctly. That problem has been fixed in this release.
Bookmark Popup Fix
6/25/2014 The popup that shows when a page is bookmarked was cutting off some of the text. This has been fixed in the source files.
Bug Fixes TOC
5/16/2014 After the last release we discovered an issue with the TOC for 5 styles. The topics were no longer expanding. This release fixes that issue.
Bug Fixes to Iconic Style and Others
5/6/2014 Several bug fixes were applied to the iconic style. The step-by-step question was fixed in multiple style so text would show. Preview page was modified and a fix for IE was added.
Security Features
4/1/2014 Several security features were added to the system. Some of those a mandatory like password requirements. Others are optional and can be activated by account.
Multiple Bug Fixes to Desktop Course Files
3/13/2014 This release includes numerous bug fixes to the quiz, link pages, definitions page, Iconic style, and general bookmarking feature. We also included a new style: Deep Banner.
Litmos Author!
2/22/2014 Rapid Intake is now Litmos Author! This release included a branding change and some other UI changes. We also streamlined the backend course file architecture.
AS3 Page and Glossary Linking
12/13/2013 Ability to link to pages and glossary terms from text fields or link pages has been added to the AS3 style.
AS2 Quiz Fix
12/3/2013 Essay and Fill-in-the-blank questions now allow more than one word for the correct response.
AS2 Bug Fixes
11/20/2013  Questions that are last in the quiz will nowreport proplerly even without a results page. The intro page can now be hidden using the checkbox in the quiz form. Phantom categories have been corrected on the Categories game. The survey page has been fixed so that it shows the questions properly.
Mobile Pages

23 additional pages and quiz questions were released for mobile courses. Other mobile bug fixes were included as well. Interactions released include:

• Case Study
• Certificate
• Concentration Game
• Image Link Pages
• Matching
• Mouse Over Page
• Popup External Activity
• Quiz Category Drag-and-Drop
• Quiz Essay
• Quiz Fill in the Blank
• Quiz Image Multiple Choice
• Quiz Multiple Choice Audio
• Quiz Multiple Choice with Image

• Quiz Multiple Correct with Audio
• Quiz Multiple Correct with Image
• Quiz Steps Drag-and-Drop
• Spin The Wheel
• Step-By-Step Page
• Streaming Video Page
• Survey
• Visual Layout Page
• Word Game
• Word Game Timed

Quiz Feedback Fix 
11/8/2013  This release fixes an issue with quiz feedback that occurs if you add specific feedback and then later delete it.
AS2 Bug Fixes
9/18/2013 This release includes several bug fixes to the AS2 styles.
AS3 Certificate Page 
8/30/2013  The Certificate page is not available for use with the AS3 style.
AS3 Resize 
8/27/2013 The default page type for the AS3 style was corrected so that resizing feature works. The retake button was also added to the quiz.
 Fix to AS3 Popup page and Quiz
8/15/2013 Certain messages were not displaying on the results page of the AS3 style quiz. This was corrected. The AS3 Popup page now works in IE 9.
 Mobile Update

This release includes several bug fixes and enhancements for those using mobile. Some of the highlights include:

  • The Visual Layout page is available for mobile.
  • The Link pages are now available for mobile.
  • You can now deploy mobile courses to Tin Can.
  • The size of mobile courses have been reduced so access is much faster. 
Fix Applied to player.html
7/12/2013 The player.html file was causing an issue with SCORM courses that were alredy complete. This has been fixed. This fix only applies to SCORM 1.2 courses. 
AS3 Enhancements and BlackSlyder Style Update
 6/28/2013 The quiz results page for the AS3 style was fixed so that messages would display. The Popup page was released for the AS3 style. A few updates were made to the Blackslyder style to improve the button functionality. 
Fix to Popup Page
5/15/2013 When Captivate movies were being played from the popup page inside an LMS, it was causing the course to close if the learner were using IE. This has been corrected. 
 New Look and Bug Fixes
4/15/2013 The custom style and custom page feature in the admin tab received a new look and several bug fixes. The revert feature and the deploy area also received a new look. 
Enhanced Security and Update for Desktop

The sendPageComplete feature was not working when this was chosen on the Advanced tab. This has been corrected.

Enhanced security features were added to the login and password recovery areas of the software.

When running a mobile course on an LMS, the exit button doesn't exit properly and can cause the course to relaunch. This issue has been fixed. 

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