Quiz Randomization (4-21-13)

Good morning!

As a forward, I have searched the old forums and found a result with regard to my question below dating back to 2007 and it appears to have no change; I also watched the tutorial videos, and I found nothing that helps with this particular issue. We are currently evaluating products for rapid course development, and all others have been ruled out. RapidIntake is my last hope! (Note: I am currently using a trial version, so maybe the following functionality is available in the full version?)

I have a question concerning question pools (and how to simulate them in RapidIntake) and quiz randomization. Say, for example, I have 15 questions in 5 sections. I would like to create five question "pools" from which to draw questions for a final test. From those sections, I would like to require some number of questions from each be required on the final test; the questions drawn from each section should be random. I also want these required questions to be randomized together.

To put it into text:

  • Section 1 will have one question, and that question is required.
  • Section 2 will have two questions, and a single question is required.
  • Section 3 will have three questions, and two questions are required.
  • Section 4 will have four questions, and two questions are required.
  • Section 5 will have five questions, and three questions are required.

The quiz will draw random questions from each section, and then randomize their order, such that it is possible to have a leading question from Section 5 be followed by a question from Section 2, which could be followed by a question from Section 4, and so on.

Is this currently possible in RapidIntake? Other similar programs have question pools, but lack the ability to randomize the questions on-the-fly, in the way that RapidIntake can. However, without question pools, we cannot have true randomization.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Keith Boatner

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    Steven Hancock

    Hi Keith,

    That is a great question. Quiz pooling is a feature that we have considered for Rapid Intake, but do not currently have setup.

    Unfortunately there isn't a good way to simulate this either. A quiz can only have one pool of questions. If you were to simulate several pools, you'd have to create several quizzes. But then you wouldn't be able to randomize the quizzes and you wouldn't be able to send a cumulative score from all the quizzes to your LMS.


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