Best Layout of Images and Text in HTML Editor (11-27-13)

Hi, How are you other users formatting HTML content to be viewed on phones and tablets? I am currently using the "Custom Content" template to deliver a Flash Slideshow to my desktop users.  I am using the built in HTML editor to deliver the same content in a text and photo format.

It seems that even using the "Rapid Intake Optimized" images, text does not flow well on the iPhone screen. I have attached 2 screen shots from my phone showing both the portrait and landscape layouts and both have problems.  In portrait, the graphic fills the width, but the text gets cut off.  In landscape, the text wraps around the image which leaves space for only 1 or 2 words per line.

What is your solution for mobile content?  Are you using the build-in editor? Is there a method for laying out content in Dreamweaver and pasting it in?  What about different layouts for different screen sizes?

As a web developer (15 years), I am used to working with these issues in the browser, but have not yet had experience with mobile.  Any ideas will be appreciated!

Thank you,

Zack Guidry

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