How do you embed YouTube videos in your Flash course?

In order to embed a YouTube video into your desktop course, you must use an AS3 style. The YouTube API is built for AS3 and won’t work in an AS2 style. If you need to use an AS2 style or even an AS3 style you can still use the “Popup External Activity” page. Simply paste the share URL provided by YouTube in the “File to Pop Up” field in step 3 of that page.

If you are using an AS3 style and would like to embed the movie, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the share link for the YouTube video you want to include and copy the last 11 characters of the link (e.g. for copy just mxp2l3Fh15o).
  2. Create a new URL using this template:     In place of VIDEO_ID, paste the 11 characters you copied in step 2 (e.g.
  3. Add an "External SWF default" page type.
  4. In the “External SWF default” form in Litmos Author, go to the 'SWF' part of the form by clicking the heading 'Step 2: SWF’.
  5. Double-click directly on the text that says 'Click to the right to select a file' (this will let you fill in the form field manually rather than through the media manager)
  6. Paste in the new URL you created that links to the You Tube video.
  7. Save and preview by clicking 'Preview the Whole Course' in the upper toolbar (the page-level preview doesn't appear to work with YouTube videos so you have to preview the whole course to see it work).

Tip: Add "&autoplay=1" to the end of the URL to have the embedded video auto play e.g.

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